Most frequent questions and answers

Most vacancies require a degree. However, there are rare exceptions that may take one on without a degree.

Most jobs require a CELTA or an equivalent. An equivalent is a month long course that is 120 hours theory and 6 hours observed teaching experience, no online or weekend courses count as an equivalent. For some jobs an online or weekend course will be sufficient and for some one may not even need that.

There is no one answer for this. It varies with country and institute. Two years of experience is usually a good number. Relevant experience is when it is teaching adults, full time, paid and in a classroom.

English Language (not lit), TEFL and Applied Linguistics are examples of related degrees. A related degree gives one a boost and in many cases due to this a CELTA is not needed. A better package will also be offered to the candidate with a related degree.

A good level of English and the qualifications needed to enter university. Some leeway can be made with these.

Typically, a BA is needed to do an MA, but through experience we have learnt that most universities will accept you onto their course if you have a CELTA plus some teaching experience.