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What is esl?

ESL is English as a second language, some refer to it as English as a foreign language (EFL). With English becoming one of, if not the, most influential languages in the world, it is being taught and studied all over the world.

Whether you have always wanted to teach English for a living or you are a bored accountant looking for a career change, ESL is for you. English is the international language for communication, countries all over the world want their citizens to learn it. The motive varies from wanting to move to an English speaking country, to get a better job or to even go further into education. This increasing demand means that there is a growing need for quality English teachers. Most countries in the world today require English teachers, the world is literally your oyster. Couple this with the fact that jobs in countries like England and the USA are hard to come by and with very competitive, above average packages in some countries, the question should be why not ESL?

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What do I need to teach ESL?

Typically speaking the minimum requirement for an ESL teacher is three: BA degree, CELTA and two years experience. With those credentials, one can find ESL work relatively easily. From the above requirements, the lack of experience is something that can be overlooked and on the extremely rare occasion even the lack of a degree is overlooked. More details about each requirement can be found below.

The BA degree can be in any field, but having a related degree will boost your chances of landing an ESL job. What is a related degree? It is something along the lines of English language (not lit) and teaching. Please ask for more details and clarification on whether your degree is considered related. Beyond the BA, if one does the MA and in Applies Linguistics or a similar field, then that will truly place the candidate above the competition.

The CELTA is a course geared to train individuals to teach ESL. Background knowledge and experience are not prerequisites, anyone can enrol on these courses and as a matter of fact they expect and welcome students with little or no knowledge of grammar. It contains 120 hours theory and 6 hours practical teaching elements. This can be done full time on a month long course or part time over a period of either 3 or 6 months. Equivalent courses like the TESOL or TEFL are also accepted as long as they have the above elements- 120 hours practical and 6 hours teaching and it has to be fully classroom based. Strictly no online, weekend or a combination of online and weekend courses are accepted, this is a complete no no in the field of ESL (for jobs in Saudi Arabia).

“How can I gain experience if I am not given an opportunity?”

This is the ever so popular cry of every freshly graduated job applicant ever. You may be able to find some work without having the minimum number of years experience, but such is the market now, competition is strong. Schools and institutes are able to choose between a newly graduated candidate and an experienced one, and sadly more often than not the latter wins. This experience is expected to be in a related field, so that is teaching English. Some will be strict in regards to the age taught and whether the experience was paid or voluntary.

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