What people say?

You were very helpful and I'm grateful for the support and services My ESL Recruitment has given me and my colleagues. Finding female only courses are rare to find so I was pleased to find out that your company were aware of the those needs and accommodated for that. I enjoyed my experience while doing the CELTA course. Although, I already have a teaching degree I feel like I have still learned a lot.
Hayat Mohamed
I am not sure if you remember me. You helped me several months ago with finding an ESL job in Saudi. You referred me to a woman who was hiring for a new school in Makkah and Madinah. Alhamdulillah, I will be leaving on Monday to work on their campus in Madinah. I wanted to say JazakAllah khayr for the reference and all your help. May Allah reward you.
Amelia Horton
I've begun the application process to various institutions but remembered that the process was very smooth with you the previous time and hence I would like to apply with you again.
Zehaad Isaacs
My ESL Recruitment is a vital partner of International Group for Training (IGIT) in its recruitment program. They provide qualified candidates in line with our requirements and with their changes in place, we look forward to a better business partnership with them.
Argel Keo Wendell
IGIT Saudi Arabia
We are very happy with My ESL Recruitment, they provide a superb recruitment service. They have been one of our best partners, providing us with quality teachers. Thank you!
International House saudi arabia
I have found My ESL Recruitment to be a helpful agency and Abdullah has always been prompt and efficient in his correspondences with me. I would, therefore, recommend My ESL Recruitment to anyone looking to work in the TEFL field.
Alistair Cunningham
We required two teachers in short notice and My ESL Recruitment delivered with flying colours. We got two great teachers instantly.
Manzura Dzhuraeva
Multikid tajikistan
My ESL Recruitment helped me through the whole process of finding a job in Saudi Arabia. I would just like to thank Abdullaah and his team for the hard work he has put in and continues to do so.
Faizan Rashid
The process was very smooth and easy. My ESL Recruitment were very helpful.
Alice Fletcher
I was very happy with the service I received from My ESL Recruitment. They found me my first job in Saudi Arabia. Communication was very good.
Yasser Riaz
Abdullaah helped me land a job in Saudi Arabia. The service provided here felt very personal as he went that extra mile to ensure I was happy. Responded to my questions swiftly.
Suliman Din
On behalf of the Georgian-American School "Progress" LTD, I would like to express our gratitude towards "My ESL Recruitment" for their great job. They make a huge contribution in building bridges between peoples and nations, at the same time helping them with the world understanding. Noteworthy their thoughtfulness and care towards their customers even elementary problems and details. I am very happy to cooperate with My ESL Recruitment because it has gained our trust, authority and hopes for more progress and prosperity.
Nino Chikvashvili
Georgian-American School “Progress”
On behalf of IGIT, we would like to congratulate for the launching of your website which is very helpful to all ESL teachers seeking for ESL jobs around the world. Since last year I have been working with My ESL Recruitment to provide ESL Teachers in our company their services have proved to be reliable and we have always received a professional and efficient service. Your website is very helpful and professional.
Junerick Gallego
They helped me with finding an ESL job. I had a complicated case, but they remained very patient throughout the whole process.
Aisha Mohammed
I have enjoyed working for My ESL Recruitment, an honest, hard-working company that is aiming to always provide the best of service.
Nada Khalil
It was a pleasure studying with my Arabic teacher, she was very good. It opened my eyes to so much. I shall be forever thankful to My ESL Recruitment.
Elly Reza
I am forever grateful to your help. I continue to pray to Allaah for you to this day. You enabled me to work in the country of Makkah and Madinah.
Liyaket Patel
I can't thank you enough. Whether I get the job or not, I just want to thank you for your time, assistance and consideration.
Ishaque Rafiq
Indeed, after I complete my Degree and teaching designations, I know where to look first for a reliable recruitment service.
Syed Ahmed
I have been an employee at My ESL Recruitment for a while now, and it has been a wonderful experience. Teaching from the comfort of my own living room at home has been great! I have the freedom of choosing the frequency and times that I am available to teach and am set up with a student. I recommend getting a contract with My ESL Recruitment whether you are staying at home or have a full-time job and just want some extra cash and experience.
Lulu Huda
I came into contact with MY ESL whilst applying for jobs in the Middle East. At every stage I found Abdullaah to be helpful and informative about the process. From answering questions too giving me tips MY ESL has a personal and friendly touch to it. Would defiantly recommend them to anyone looking for employment in ESL.
Nasra Khalif